Miele PW 6163 Barrier Washing Machine


The PW 6163 barrier washer, with its clean/unclean sides and 16 kg (160 litre) drum capacity, provides the ideal solution for processing laundry in retirement and care homes, hospitals, and laundries. It offers physical separation between the clean and unclean sides, allowing for the hygienic processing of laundry and the control of spread of infections. It has a building depth of just 87 cm, so is easily accommodated even where space is at a premium. It is one of three in this range of barrier washers, with drum capacities spanning from 16 kg – 32 kg (see Datasheet below).

Product Features

  • Load capacity of 16 kg
  • High spin (360 G-factor)
  • Honeycomb drum which creates a protective film of water on which clothing gently slides, preventing fibre damage or piling
  • Automatic drum positioning on the clean and unclean sides
  • Emergency off switch on the clean and unclean sides
  • Ecoplus: sustainable, cost-effective performance achieving optimum results using as little water, energy and detergent as necessary
  • Robust design using recyclable materials for maximum sustainability
  • Profitronic M controls: freely programmable. Standard programme packages and a total of 199 program slots. The temperatures, holding times, wash times, drum rhythms, spin speeds, and dosing are all programmable to suit your needs
  • User-friendly and simple controls for selecting programmes by using rotary switch and pushbuttons
  • Liquid dispensing system with electronically controlled dosage
  • Connection for up to 12 dispenser pumps for liquid detergent
  • Large drum opening for simple loading and unloading
  • Not suitable for stacking
Capacity 16 kg (160 litres)
Size (WxDxH) 1110 x 870 x 1705 mm
Power Supply Electric
Colour Stainless steel

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