Professional Tumble Dryers

  • Electrolux QuickDry Tumble Dryer

    Electrolux QuickDry Tumble Dryer

    The QuickDry presents a variety of features that deliver an unbeatable combination of everyday low running costs and long term durability. With its 5.9 kg (130 litre) drum capacity, it is the same size as a domestic machine but provides a professional performance, … Read more 

  • Electrolux T5130 Tumble Dryer

    Electrolux T5130 Tumble Dryer

    Designed for minimal maintenance and service requirements, the T5130 tumble dryer has a 6 kg (130 litre) drum capacity and provides optimised economy and high productivity – two loads of pure cotton fabric with 50% moisture content can be dried every … Read more 

  • Electrolux T5130C Tumble Dryer

    Electrolux T5130C Tumble Dryer

    The T5130C condenser tumble dryer has a 6 kg (130 litre) drum capacity and is designed to ensure minimal maintenance and service requirements. It provides optimised economy and high productivity – two loads of pure cotton fabric with 50% moisture content can be … Read more 

  • Electrolux T5190 Tumble Dryer

    Electrolux T5190 Tumble Dryer

    The T5190 tumble dryer, with its low energy consumption and optimal efficiency, has a 8 kg (190 litre) capacity drum and high productivity, drying two full loads per hour. Product Features Load capacity of 8 kg Electric or gas heating Compass Pro® Microprocessor offering: … Read more 

  • Electrolux T5250 Tumble Dryer

    Electrolux T5250 Tumble Dryer

    The T5250 offers easy maintenance and low energy use. It has a 10 kg (250 litre) capacity drum and user-friendly controls for quick and simple program selections. Product Features Load capacity of 10 kg Electric or gas heating High productivity – … Read more 

  • Electrolux T5350 Tumble Dryer

    Electrolux T5350 Tumble Dryer

    The T5350 tumble dryer has a 10 kg (350 litre) drum capacity and is designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation. Product Features High productivity – 2 full loads per hour Electric or gas heating Large door opening for easy … Read more 

  • Huebsch YDE/YDG Tumble Dryer


    The Huebsch YDE/YDG tumble dryer is available in gas or electric and has a 8.2 kg (200 litre) drum capacity, offering ample space for large loads to tumble and produce fast drying times, whilst lowering utility consumption at the same time. Product … Read more 

  • Huebsch Loadstar H0220 Tumble Dryer

    Huebsch Loadstar H0220 Dishwasher

    The Loadstar H0220 offers ease of use, supreme durability and economical performances, wash after wash. It has a drum capacity of 11 kg (250 litres) and is the smallest in the range of 11 kg – 17 kg tumble dryers, all providing efficient … Read more 

  • Miele PT 5135C Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT5135C Tumble Dryer

    The PT 5135C is part of the ‘Little Giants’ range, providing commercial performance but with the footprint of a domestic machine. It has a 6.5 kg (130 litre) drum capacity and has been awarded the A+AA (extremely efficient) energy label. Product … Read more 

  • Miele PT 5137WP Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT5137WP Tumble Dryer

    The PT 5137WP is a ‘Little Giant’ dryer with an integrated heat-pump module and a 6.5 kg (130 litre) drum capacity. The cooling and dehumidifying air releases energy which is captured and used to pre-heat cold, dry air, reducing energy … Read more 

  • Miele PT 7135C Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT7135C Tumble Dryer

    The PT 7135C is a condenser dryer with a load capacity of 6.5 kg (130 litres). The dryer has a selection of 21 languages to choose from on the control panel and 3 user interfaces for flexible use. Product Features … Read more 

  • Miele PT 7136 Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT7136 Tumble Dryer

    The PT 7136 is a vented dryer with a load capacity of 6.5 kg (130 litres). Combined with a ‘Little Giant’ washing machine, the compact dryer can wash and dry a 6.5 kg load of laundry in only 85 minutes. … Read more 

  • Miele PT 7186 Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT7186 Tumble Dryer

    The PT 7186 is a vented dryer with a load capacity of 8 kg (180 litres) and, combined with an equivalent washing machine, can wash and dry an 8 kg load of laundry in only 90 minutes. Product Features Load capacity … Read more 

  • Miele PT 8253 Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT8253 Tumble Dryer

    The PT 8253 is a vented dryer with a load capacity of 13 kg (250 litres), and is one of the smaller models in the Miele range of tumble dryers with drum volumes of between 10 kg and 32 kg. The dryer has an air … Read more 

  • Miele PT 8257WP Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT8257WP Tumble Dryer

    The PT 8257WP is a vented heat pump dryer with a load capacity of 10-13 kg (250 litres), and is one of a range of heat pump dryers with load capacities ranging from 6.4 kg to 13 kg. The heat pump module brings drying … Read more 

  • Miele PT 8203 SlimLine Heat Pump Tumble Dryer


    The PT 8203 WP from the SlimLine series is perfect for clients with limited space and large volumes of laundry to process. It cuts energy costs by half and – thanks to a width of only 71cm – fits through … Read more 

  • Miele PT 8301 SlimLine Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT8301 Tumble Dryer

    The PT 8301 is a slimline vented dryer suited to applications where space is at a premium and there is insufficient room to install a bigger dryer. The dryer has a load capacity of 12-15 kg (300 litres) and time-controlled programmes … Read more 

  • Miele PT 8337 Tumble Dryer

    Miele PT8337 Tumble Dryer

    The PT 8337 is a vented dryer with a drum volume of 13 kg -16 kg (325 litres), and is part of a range dryers with load capacities between 10 kg to 32 kg. The dryer has an air recycling plus system … Read more 

The new Miele BENCHMARK Washing Machines

Commercial users want top-class energy efficiency, performance, speed and reliability from their washing machine. Machines from Miele Professional meet all of these requirements and are… Read more 

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Miele PG 8080 ProfiLine Dishwasher

Miele PG8080 Dishwasher

The Miele PG 8080 is a freestanding commercial freshwater dishwasher ideal for kitchens in office blocks, clubhouses and private households. The PG 8080 has a short programme… Read more 

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